Specialized Services


SC Financial offers business owners the resources and expertise to tackle many of the projects and processes a company faces. This may include evaluating the appropriate retirement plan, employee benefit package, book keeping oversight as well as technology consulting. As our client’s Personal CFO™, we will carry our services over to their business in order to support all aspects of their financial lives.


Often our clients who work for larger companies have benefit packages that are challenging to understand. This may include Stock Option awards, Qualified and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation packages, Phantom Stock plans, ESOPs, and Key Man benefits. SC Financial has expertise in these areas and works with other advisors to provide a comprehensive resource to understand and advise on the optimal application of these various sources of income for the busy executive.


The fortunate circumstance of having more than you need can be a blessing as well as a burden. The responsibility of financial wealth is often a challenge and can become more of a challenge when considering the next generation. We can help you determine which methods are most suitable for your situation as well as guide you and your family through the plan implementation, ensuring all of your wealth transfer and philanthropic goals are met.


The likelihood of finding yourself engaged in a law suit or other personal liability is very high in our current society. It is unfortunate, but accidents happen and individuals as well as their families are held responsible. Often this results in an enormous financial burden due to the process of defense or by an award to the party claiming fault. There are ways, some more complex than others, to protect yourself, your family and your wealth from many of these claims. We will work with you and your other advisors to evaluate the possible risks you face as well as create a plan to mitigate these risks as much as possible. Through the use of financial instruments like insurance or structural components involving property, there are many ways to alleviate these threats to your wealth.


Life has a way of surprising us with change. At SC Financial Services we understand how stressful a Life Transition can be as well as how difficult it is to make financial decisions when faced with these changes. Life transitions can come from losing a loved one or divorce as well as a sudden windfall such as an inheritance or business sale. All of these moments in life can be challenging because they require a a new understanding of circumstances and how best to respond. SC Financial is here as an objective resource to assist you in navigating this new territory.