Personal CFO Program

Our Personal CFO Program provides our clients an ongoing strategic partner to enable good financial decisions to be made, strategies to be implemented and advisors cohesively coordinated. With proactive planning and implementation, our knowledgeable professionals provide ongoing support and input to assist our clients to achieve their goals.

The Process includes a comprehensive assessment of their current financial picture, defining their strategic goals and objectives and creating a tangible plan to ensure successful outcomes. Each client has their own set of priorities and areas that require immediate attention. We work with our clients to define these priorities and begin work immediately in the areas of greatest importance.

Our Program also includes our professional network of referral sources in the areas of strategic tax planning, investment strategies for special situations, and legal and insurance related priorities. As your advisor, we can assure that you will receive the best possible solutions and services, without conflicts of interest.

We want to be your primary point of leverage, "If it touches money, call us."

Development of Personal and Life goals

Creation of Road Map to achieve your goals

Assistance and coordination in building your professional team
Ongoing investment coordination and management

CFO Coordinator™ proactively manages the implementation and progress of your goals.
Additional Benefits: Professional network of referral services
On-call resource for wide variety of financial matters, “If it touches money, call us”

Key Benefit: client has a highly accessible, strategic partner who offers objective advice, ongoing point of leverage and resource for the busy professional. SCFS allows the client to focus on their business or personal lives while SCFS provides continuous peace of mind that financial matters and their goals are being taken care of.