Our Approach

Getting to Know You: 

Any great relationship starts with getting to know eachother.  This is no different in how we approach our client relationships.  We like to get to know you, not just financially but who you are as a person, family relationships, business relationships and where you see yourself in your community.  We believe it is important you like who you work with and we are no different.  We have a great group of clients that we help as well as consider friends.  One of the greatest compliments we can receive from our clients is the recommendation of our services to another family member or close friend.  We believe this is a testimony of where we sit at the table with our clients and how much they entrust to us.  This is what we strive for in any new client relationship. 

Understanding the Complete Picture: 

We need to understand our client's motivations and goals in order to be an effective resource for them when it comes to financial matters. It is important to have resources to achieve the goals, yet these resources are the tool. We strive to incorporate both the tangible and intangible aspects of our clients plans to create a more holistic solution that serves not only the bottom line but the heart and mind as well.  Money is great, but it is the means to accomplish what you set out for yourself, not the goal itself. 

Providing an Integrated Approach: 

Our services include coordination with others in order to serve you and your family in the best possible manner.  This could mean coordinating with your accountant to do tax planning or with your attorney to discuss estate planning.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients an integrated approach with other advisors to accomplishing their goals, allowing for efficient and effective results.  

Financial Planning is supposed to touch more than investments and at SC Financial Services our approach is develop and implement a road map that will serve you and your family in all aspects of your financial lives.