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SC Financial Services specializes in working with successful business owners and busy executives.  Our clients are smart, kind and appreciate the benefits of having a team to support their vision.  Our clients like to have us as their resource to bounce ideas off of, leverage our expertise as well as assist them with keeping focused on the goals they have created for themselves and their families. 

No. Yet SC Financial Services does have a minimum annual fee of $6000.  We focus on a holistic view for our clients, investments being just one aspect. Since many of the valued services we provide our clients are in addition to managing investment assets, we have created an offering that allows us and our clients to create a healthier net worth statement rather than just focusing on investment assets. 

In your initial, complimentary meeting, we start by getting to know you and discovering what your individual needs or requirements may be. We hope to provide you with sufficient information about our style and approach so you can make an informed decision regarding our services.  We are looking for clients who appreciate our committment to their success and want to have an ongoing and growing relationship that serves their family for many years to come.  

SC Financial Services is a “Fee Only” financial advisor. Unlike fee based or straight commission advisors, SC Financial Services sole source of compensation is from the fees paid directly to us by our clients. No commissions or referral fees or other compensation is generated by any of the recommendations we may make. Objectivity from a client's point of view is maintained at all times. Some investment products have embedded management fees. We will always strive to keep these at a minimum and will advise our clients of what these fees are when they are part of a client portfolio.

SC Financial Services believes in staying in close contact with our clients on a routine basis. We will speak or correspond with the majority of our clients on a monthly basis. However, at a minimum, our clients receive a report of their account holdings complete with an overall market summary on a quarterly basis. Being accessible to our clients whenever they may need to speak with us is paramount to our success. Our tag line of “If it touches money, call us…” has proven to help our clients time and time again.

You can call SC Financial Services at 480-214-9596 or simply click on the Contact Us button below to email us and let us know how and when to reach you. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our services and determine if we can be of service to you.