Business Transition & Consulting Services

Typically entrepreneurs invest their lives in creating and building their businesses. These enterprises are the product of a lot of commitment, hard work, and personal investment. It is no wonder that when it comes time to pass on the legacy it is with trepidation that the owner looks into ways to effectively accomplish this transition. The competing priorities of the owner, their family, as well as the potential new owner(s) make for a challenging environment with a successful outcome not always being the result.

Through our sister company, Optimized Business Transitions, LLC (OBT) , SC Financial Services offers business transition services to assist business owners in increasing their opportunities for success, ensuring the owners goals and priorities are being recognized, while maximizing the financial outcome to themselves and their families.

Commonly, the business owner asks himself, “How do I see my relationship with this company as I move towards its transition and how can I be confident I am looking at all facets of the process to ensure I have maximized the results for myself and my family.”

OBT specializes in working with business owners as they formulate and execute a transition from their historical role at the helm of the enterprise to the future role with the company as defined by their personal goals. Along the path, we provide our client with a complete understanding of their various options to monetize the investment in the company. We also address how to protect that legacy moving forward with advanced estate planning techniques mapped to the client's objectives. We will coordinate with the advisory team throughout the implementation and provide ongoing monitoring of the plan to ensure goals are achieved.

Business transition is often a once in a lifetime opportunity as well as prominent challenge. Let OBT and your advisory team be your advocate in achieving your goals and a smooth transition.


  • Changing the ownership and/or management structure of the business
  • Retention of the business for family members.
  • Planned internal sale of the business to employees and co-stockholders.
  • Planned sale of the business to external buyers, or through an initial public offering.
  • Retention of the business by the client but with diminishing involvement in its operation.
  • Coordination of the Contingency Plan with the Business Transition Plan.


  • Specialized analysis and consulting.
  • Detailed financial models of the owners' and the business' situation.
  • Integrated transition plans that deal comprehensively with business, family and financial issues.
  • Implementation services -- not just advice -- to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

We recommend the business owner not wait until they are “ready to leave” to begin this planning process. The bottom line results and overall satisfaction with the process greatly increase if given the appropriate amount of time to plan and implement the advice of your advisory team. Let’s get started now!  For more information, please visit